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UX Case Study

This project is an individual project from taking part in training at the Zuri Internship.


UX designer, UI designer.

Main areas of responsibility:

  • Research (research plan and user interviews)
  • UX analysis (flows and persona; Wireframe sketches)
  • Lo-fi prototyping (basic flow and interactions)
  • Hi-Fi prototyping (basic flow and interactions)

Project type: Mobile app

Project name…

User and End-user’s Perspective

User Experience (UX) is a simple term — and a broad term too. Simple in terms of its definition, but broad as per what it really entails. It takes a lot to give a great UX. It takes time and effort; covering a wide range of topics, from science and…

Dear Future Self:

You’ve come so far — You have tasted ‘victory’

You’ve become successful in almost all ramifications concerning you.

I appreciate the fact that you never gave up

On yourself,

On career,

On business,

On love,

On family,

On friends,

I appreciate the fact that you stopped being…



Still air,

Slow internet, Open windows,

lights out — but this light;

this pure incandescent gift of nature lights up the entire room;

Like it has come with the “I told you so” answer to why there’s no electricity.

Spine on soft cushion,

Chest bare and flat

Eyes racing…

The real one

In 2015, the APC won the presidential election in an almost staggering manner. They came with a promise of change, and an end to the corruption that had plagued the preceding cabinet headed by a disorganised and disoriented PDP. The Nigerian people were tired actually. No one cared about who…

But don’t make other jobs feel inferior or useless.

I saw a tweet recently stating that we should quit jobs and start learning how to code so as to fit into this ‘tech revolution’.

Yes, tech has come to stay and would definitely affect our lives in years to come, but I think it’s also wrong to say the…

My perspective

Few minutes past 12 am. NYSC Corps members sitting around. Some revising their roles for the forthcoming election bound to start in just less than 8 hours…or maybe 😑

No visible sign of the Supervisory Presiding Officers or Electoral officers to address us. Not even a single security agent. Something…

“I’m gonna have sex with him/her today”

“Be my VAL!”

“you don buy condom?”

“single people be missing rn!”

All over social media. Valentine’s Day has become the ‘official lovers' day’ where we shower love to our supposed loved ones(nowadays it’s the ones we are dating or being married to…

The government, the people, the masses, your friends, your lover…

They all don’t deserve that 100% attention, time, energy, effort you’d give yourself.

Yes!, I mentioned some that actually require attention, but then. They are all humans.

Even family members — that matter quite frankly — disappoint in one way or another.

They are all humans and subject to feelings…

Jide Adebiyi

🇳🇬 Analyst, UX Designer.

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